Betting on tennis is an interesting activity, because there are plenty of options for different strategies. Some bettors play on the winning of the game, the receiving player, some prefer to collect baskets with small odds. Tennis is an individual game, so most of the factors of team sports are not considered here. You can find profitable tactics by playing different ways and analyzing statistics. The approach of betting on double faults in men’s tennis (ATP) seems interesting. The article will talk about what to pay attention to and how to find the right total.


Where to start?

The bettor should understand that there are no team interactions here – everything depends on the athlete’s mood and his individual preparation. Top tennis players can make mistakes and get nervous, on which you can make good money. The double fault factor in men’s singles does not play a very significant role, but tennis bets on the error total have good odds. For a successful bet, you need to watch the games and imagine the approximate form of each participant in the game. Double error is influenced by many things to consider when choosing an event.

How to bet on double faults in men’s tennis?

The whole point of tennis betting on double errors is in the totals. Here it is important to pick up a TM or TL. It all depends on the bettor’s preferences – the probability of the bet or a high odds. Calculate the possible outcome is very simple: the statistics of each player indicates the average number of bad serves per game. Double fault rates are very different. On average, this value varies from 0.07 to 1. Such data refers to the ATP ranking. The men’s half makes significantly fewer errors than the WTA representatives. The next step is to assume the possible number of games on serve in a set or match. This is done after studying the information and personal feelings. Let us try to calculate:

  • The numbers suggest that the athlete makes 0.08 double faults per game.
  • Assume that he will play 10 games of his own.
  • The total number of double faults per match will be 0.08×10=8.
  • Thus, you can bet an individual double error total greater than 7.5. To be on the safe side, you may choose a lower value. True, to the detriment of the quotes.

Tennis bets on such outcomes are made after a detailed study of statistics and analysis of the necessary information. It is possible to choose a random result, but the probability of winning is greatly reduced. In the course of the meeting, you can bet on a double error in a particular game. To do this, you need to know the indicators that signal a possible failure. Playing live brings more fun, and the events come more often, because the client of the bookmaker’s office Parimatch sees the game in real time. Let’s understand the factors that influence double faults.


Causes of double faults

Grand tennis is exposed to the same external factors as any other sport. One must understand this if one wants to play on an athlete’s serve failures. ​What to pay attention to:

  • Some players look weaker during the draw, so they have to emphasize serving.

Earning points without a long scrimmage is their choice. All hope is left for a possible ice. In a situation like this, the tennis player does not stop after the first unsuccessful serve, but saves the strength of the next shot. The goal is to get under the very line, where the opponent will be powerless. But this is a very risky strategy. If the bettor notices the athlete’s constant desire to win without a draw, it is time to bet on a double error in the pitcher’s game. Such bets are very fast and make watching the match very intense.

  • An important point of the game

A double fault is most likely on a break point or match point. The decisive serve, on which the outcome of the whole confrontation depends, puts a lot of responsibility on the athlete. Even experienced tennis players are prone to emotional instability. Suffice it to recall the 2014 Roland Garros final, where Novak Djokovic, who has a stable and accurate serve, made 2 double faults on the match ball. This kind of tennis betting doesn’t go in as often as we would like, but a good odds plays a crucial role. Live is a great way to count on luck.

  • Weather conditions are the most difficult factor to take into account

Many bookmakers still do not include the effect of weather in their odds changes. This is worth playing on, because weather conditions play a crucial role in some matches. Experienced users know that playing against the sun is very difficult, and everything depends on the time of the match and the location of the sun at the current moment. This is worth considering if the game is played in sunny weather outdoors. The studios do not change the odds if the match is rescheduled, but the player may well do the work of finding information to accurately determine whether or not the sun will interfere. Also, you can’t forget about the wind. On outdoor courts, the wind plays a big role. You can also find out about this using any specialized website. Note that the BC Parimatch in a special form displays the weather for the upcoming games. It is much easier to make a double mistake if there is a strong wind or bright sun. To make bets using such information, you need to find the right sources.

  • The time of the match plays a big role

In real time, you can safely bet on double faults, if the match is heavily delayed. Players are physically and mentally tired, which leads to a loss of concentration and mood for the game. In this situation, the probability of error is very high. Tennis players want to win at all costs and make risky moves. Matches to 3 wins, where 4 sets are played, promise a heated denouement. Betting Parimatch on double faults will be a great option.

  • Coverage

Any professional tennis player will tell you that playing on the ground is very difficult. The bounce rate of the ball is different from hard or grass. Inexperienced players feel insecure when playing on this surface, hoping to win with an edge. This is where you have to bet on possible double faults. A very small number of players have no visible problems playing on French Rolland Garros courts.

  • Type of court

The open court brings a lot of nuances to the game: the wind, the sun, the general mood, the stands. On indoor courts it is much easier to play, because tennis players concentrate only on the game. Bookmakers do not take into account such moments and leave the odds unchanged. It is worth playing on this, betting on double faults in ATP matches.



Betting on double faults in tennis is an interesting activity, because the bettor can make good money using his knowledge. The double fault factor does not play a primary role, but it is very important in the final stages. Situations affecting serve failures should be taken into account and proceeded from. Betting Parimatch will be successful if the bettor sticks to the strategy, evaluating the statistics of each player.